Magento Maintenance Services

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The Magento ecommerce platform offers rich features and functionalities, without compromising on security and integrity. Magento is available for download in two different versions.

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Magento Maintenance Services include periodical version upgrades. Magento releases newer versions at frequent intervals, addressing the bugs and issues notices or reported in the previous releases. Unless the customer has a stabilized version of Magento installed, the upgrades may cause more trouble than benefits. Magento Development India strongly recommends the installation of full new versions of Magento.

If an online store still wants to go in for an upgrade, it is always advisable and prudent to back up the entire online store database, before attempting to upgrade to the new beta version.

Magento Development India provides high quality support in case any Magento-based web store runs into software issues. We provide 24 hour helpline and offer online support to resolve issues that may crop up during Magento usage. We provide download support and installation assistance.

We help you to develop customized themes and skins. We offer support for your extensions, modules and templates.

Magento Development India ensures that a panel of experts continuously explores the possibilities of optimizing and fine tuning the performance of each and every online store developed using Magento. Magento Maintenance Services are essential for the successful running of the Magento Online Stores.

Maintenance of Magento can include:

  • Magento Upgrades and Updates
  • Template Changes
  • Email Changes
  • Module Installations
  • Upgrades to Magento Connect modules
  • Payment Gateways
  • Server Changes
  • CMS Pages
  • Product additions
  • Google Analytics/Base/Checkout
  • XHTML/CSS Changes